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Editors: P.R. Bhattacharjee, P. Nayak & K. Sengupta
Publisher: Assam University, Silchar, Assam, 1998


This book is an edited volume reflecting a collective concern for Silchar, the main urban centre of South Assam and the strategic nodal point between Assam, Mizoram, Tripura, Manipur and Meghalaya. The contributors of the book rightly harp on the point that in spite of the historic role played by Silchar in the development of tea plantations in North East India and in spite of its socio-economic and geo-political importance as the predominant node of the relatively disadvantaged south-eastern part of North East India, the planning for urban development of this city has not been assigned due priority.

The result of inadequate planned attention has been haphazard urban growth of the city which, if not managed on scientific lines, will very soon assume menacing proportion. This may seriously hamper the growth-potential of the entire South Assam with negative external effects on the neighboring states.

The readings that follow are sure to lead to the finding that Silchar suffers from all the maladies of a problem region on account of various reasons. Historically, its problem of congestion has been caused by human flows not only resulting from partition of India but also from social unrest in different parts of the North East, the Barak Valley being an island of peace and harmony. Economically, agricultural stagnation in the face of population has led to spectacular rural urban migration and fast growth of an informal sector, thus adding another dimension to congestion.

The city has also experienced ills of economic decay and infrastructural disadvantage because of its snapped socio-economic link with what is now known as Bangladesh. Silchar's problems also emanate from underdevelopment as its economic base is not related to vigorous industrialization (tea plantation providing an extremely narrow plank) and as much of its growth has been grossly unplanned, the city looking more like a sprawling village with urban traits noticeable here and there. Altogether the book has 19 research papers contributed by eminent scholars from different disciplines

The book has been divided into the following seven Sections:

    Section - I: Geographical and Seismological Aspects

  • S.N. Singh
    Silchar: A Short Geographical Profile

  • Parth Sarathy Dey
    Seismological Aspects of Urban Development of Silchar

    Section - II: Historical View

  • Sanjeeb Deb Laskar
    Urbanization in the Colonial and Post-Colonial Situation: A Study of Silchar

    Section - III: Ecological Concern

  • Pranay Jyoti Goswami
    Silchar: A Short Geographical Profile

  • Mithra Dey
    Impact of Urbanization on Ecology of Silchar: An Overview

    Section - IV: Models and Measures of Urbanization

  • Devajyoti Biswas
    Mathematical Modelling of Some Urban Problems with Graph Theory

  • A. Majumdar & A.B Deb
    City Boundary of Silchar

    Section - V: Socio-Economic Problems of Urban Growth

  • Jyotirindra Dutta
    Silchar: Problems of A Growing City

  • Susanta Krishna Dass
    Urbanization, In-migration and Crime Perspective: A Study of Silchar Agglomeration, 1971-93

  • Sanjib Bhattacharjee
    Urban Slums: A Case Study of Kalibarir Char in Silchar

    Section - VI: Urban Administration and Development

  • Jayanta Choudhury
    Urban Amenities: Demand and Supply

  • N.B Dey & P. Nayak
    Silchar Municipal Board: Too Weak to Solve the Problems of A Growing Town

  • Hites Goswami
    The Workings of Silchar Development Authority: An Overview

    Section - VII: Urban Infrastructure and Its Problems

  • Niranjan Roy
    Transport Communication in the Perspective of Urbanization: A Case Study of Silchar Town

  • Ashes Bhattacharyya
    Pressure of Vehicular and Pedestrian Traffic on the Roads of Silchar Town and Its Impact on Urban Environment

  • N.C Ganguly
    A Computer Simulation Approach to Road Traffic Management

  • B.U.A Barbhuiya & R.P Singh
    Traffic Problem in Silchar Town and It Remedial Measures

  • R.P Singh
    Optimum Solution of Traffic Control at Premtala Point of Silchar Town

  • S. Dutta & D.C Nath
    Erratic Power Supply: A Problem of Silchar
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